As a teen, these few dollars help you save and invest in other important things. If you also have some gift cards which you want to return, but you are not sure if you can return the gift cards or not, then you are at the perfect place because here we are providing different store policies on returning the card and other things which you can do with those gift cards.

Gift cards have become increasingly popular as a go-to present for various occasions. They offer recipients the flexibility to choose their desired items or experiences, making them a convenient gift option. However, what happens when you receive a gift card that doesn't align with your preferences? Can you return it for a refund or exchange? In this blog post, we will explore the topic of returning gift cards and explore the intricacies of different retailers' policies. We'll discuss the conditions and limitations of returning gift cards and alternative options for dealing with unwanted cards. Whether you've received a gift card that doesn't suit your needs or are curious about the options available, read on to gain insights into navigating the realm of gift card returns.

different store policies on returning the card

Gift Card Return Policies Explained

Gift card return policies vary among retailers and can be influenced by local regulations and company policies. While some retailers allow gift card returns, others may have restrictions or consider gift cards non-refundable.  

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Retailer Approach To Gift Cards

It is always a good option to ask the issuer about the gift card policy because each retailer has its refund policy with different approaches, and you only sometimes get cash back.

  • Some retailers only provide a percentage of the gift card value; you may receive only a part.
  • Some only give you a store credit which you can use for further purchases.
  • Sometimes, retailers must give a full refund If the gift card is below a certain amount.
  • Another way retailers may help you is to give you an in-store credit, which may work well for gift cards about to expire.


Gift Card Return Policy


No refund or return

Google Play

No refund or return

Guitar center 

Nothing is written in their policy about gift cards


No refund or return

Hand and stone 

No refund or return

Harris teeter 

No refund or return


No refund or return


No refund or return


No refund or return


No refund or return


No refund or return

Olive Green 

No refund or return


No refund for e-cards, plastic cards can be refunded with a receipt


No refund or return

Urban Outfitters 

No refund or return and last for two years


No refund or return


No refund or return

Exceptions and Limitations To Gift Card Return Policies

While returning gift cards is generally subject to the specific policies of each retailer, there are certain exceptions and limitations to be aware of. These exceptions can affect the ability to return a gift card or may restrict the refund or exchange process.

  1. Personalized or Custom Gift Cards: Gift cards that have been personalized or custom-made are typically non-returnable. These gift cards often include the recipient's name, photo, or a specific message, making them unique and non-transferable.
  2. Non-Refundable or Non-Returnable Gift Cards: Some retailers explicitly state that gift cards are non-refundable or non-returnable. This means that once the gift card has been purchased or activated, it cannot be returned for a refund or exchanged for another item.
  3. Time Limitations: Retailers may impose time limitations for returning gift cards. They may specify a certain period within which the gift card must be returned, usually within a specified number of days or weeks from the purchase date.
  4. Partial Refunds or Store Credit: In cases where a gift card is eligible for a refund, some retailers may provide only a partial refund instead of the full value of the gift card. Alternatively, they may offer store credit instead of a cash refund.
  5. Terms and Conditions: Each retailer may have its terms and conditions for returning gift cards. These terms can include requirements such as presenting the original receipt, having the gift card in its original packaging, or adhering to specific return procedures outlined by the retailer.

Steps to Return a Gift Card

Returning a gift card typically involves following specific steps and procedures set by the retailer. While the exact process may vary between companies, here is a general outline of the steps you may need to take when returning a gift card:

  1. Review the Return Policy: Familiarize yourself with the retailer's gift card return policy. Check if they accept returns on gift cards and note any specific conditions, timeframes, or limitations mentioned in the policy.
  2. Gather Required Documentation: Collect any necessary documentation for the return process. This may include the original receipt, the gift card, or any other proof of purchase that the retailer requires. It's important to have these documents readily available.
  3. Contact Customer Service: Contact the retailer's customer service department to inquire about the gift card return process. They can provide specific instructions, clarify doubts, and guide you through the necessary steps.
  4. Follow Return Procedures: Follow the outlined return procedures provided by the retailer. This may involve completing a return form, filling out specific details about the gift card and the reason for the return, and obtaining any return authorization or reference numbers.
  5. Return the Gift Card: Return the gift card to the retailer using the designated method they outlined. This could involve mailing the gift card back to the retailer, returning it in person to a physical store, or following any other instructions they provide for the return.
  6. Await Refund or Exchange: After returning the gift card, wait for the retailer to process the return. Depending on their policy, you may receive a refund to the original payment method used for the gift card purchase, store credit, or an exchange for a different item.
  7. Keep Track of Return Status: Keep track of the return process by noting any tracking numbers, reference numbers, or communication with the retailer. This will help you follow up if needed and ensure a smooth resolution.

Gift Card Return Policy Of Different Stores

Below, we will discuss some big stores' refund policies, but if you have any questions, you can always contact customer service. Each retailer has a different approach to gift cards; most of the time, one store may offer a refund, while others may have different methods for gift cards.

Amazon Gift Card Returning Policy
Kroger gift cards Returning Policy
CVS gift cards Returning Policy


Gift Card Return Policy


A person, can't redeem the card for cash unless required by law.


These gift cards don't expire but are also not refundable. 


Cant be refunded for cash


AMC cards are not refundable and expire after five years


Amex also don't offer any refunds


No refund or return

Apple Bees

Nothing is written in their policy about gift cards


Cant be refunded or redeemed

Best buy

Gift cards can't be refunded, but you can return items purchased from gift cards


Nothing is written in their policy about gift cards


No refund or return

Dollar General 

Nothing is written in their policy about gift cards

Eb game 

No refund or return


No refund or return


Nothing is written in their policy about gift cards

Giant Eagle

No refund or return

Home Depot 

No refund or return


No refund or return


No refund or return

States That Require Cash Refunds on Gift Cards

There are twelve states and territories in the United States of America, and each has its gift card return policy. These states are New Jersey, Puerto Rico, Washington, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, and California.

California is considered the best state among the other 11 states because it allows gift card holders to return gift cards valued at less than $10. Regardless of the store policy, a gift card of less than $10 can be redeemed for cash.

Other states, including Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Montana, Oregon, Puerto Rico, and Washington, allow redeeming gift cards under $5

Rhode Island and Vermont allow you to get a refund on the card with a limit of $1. The laws of stores are followed in a state where there is no law for gift card return policy.

Alternative Options for Unwanted Gift Cards

Gift cards are considered one of the best gifts, but still, there are many cases where you want something other than a gift card. It doesn't appeal to you if you also have a gift card you don't want and the store does not allow you to return it. Then don't worry because you can benefit from your unwanted gift card without returning it in several ways. Here are some methods you can use to benefit from your gift card.

Selling online

Selling online

You can sell them online if you can't return them to the store. Many people are interested in gift cards, which you don't want. Here are some of the places at which you can sell your gift card

Gift Card Granny

Gift card granny is the number one platform on which you can sell your unwanted gift card in a straightforward process. You need to enter the gift card brand, and the gift card granny will show a pop-up page on which they will show the specific brand they accept.

After that, you have to select the value of your gift card, and you are all good to go.

Gift Card Granny


It is also another great site where you can buy or sell gift cards. Gift deal offers two services prepaid2cash and cards swapper, where you can sell your gift card.

Prepaid 2 Cash is an app available for Android and iOS, and it is designed specifically for prepaid cards before they expire. This app requires you to scan your card and then ask for your bank account where you would like to deposit the money.

Prepaid 2 Cash takes 4 to 7 days.

On the other hand, if you use a card swapper, the process is more straightforward, and you can get the payment in your PayPal account within 48 hours.


CardCash allows you to sell your gift card by giving you a variety of options to choose from. The process is simple and only requires two to three minutes. What you need to do is select an offer for your gift card and then submit your card. After that, card cash will verify your card and get you paid.

The only thing you need to do is to add the store name and the balance on the card. CardCash will run it through the database and will give you offers on that card.

Gift Card Spread

Gift card spread allows you to sell gift cards for cash without platform fees. It would help if you made an offer in this app and then waited for a response.

The good thing about this app is that you can name your choice and sell the card at reasonable prices.

Sell Gift Cards On Social Media

It is also one of the best things you can do with your gift card. You can sell a gift card on social media if you want something other than a gift card. Sometimes there are communities on social media where you can post your gift card, and someone who finds it more valuable can purchase it from you. You need to create a post with the card's details and how much you want to sell it.

Exchange Gift Cards With People You Know

Exchange Gift Cards With People You Know

Someone gifted you a gift card that is not according to your interest because you don't like the store or have no interest in the type of products you can get from that store, but it doesn't mean that your card is useless. Many people around You may have an interest in that thing.

In such cases, you always have the option to ask your colleagues or friends about the gift card. Your friend, family colleague, and schoolmate may find that card useful, and they may also have a gift card they don't want, but you found that gift card helpful.

One of the main benefits of exchanging gift cards is that no money is involved, and both parties can get a valuable gift card that they can redeem for the items they want. It may only sometimes work, but it is worth giving a try.

Use The Gift Card To Buy Items You Can Resell

If you have tried your best to sell your gift card using different card-selling platforms and social media but still cannot sell it or exchange it with any other person, then you can use it to buy items you can sell. This process is lengthy and may take a lot of time.

Use The Gift Card To Buy Items You Can Resell

Step 1: Search Industry

In the first step, you can search for what items are in demand and what people love to buy on Google. If you have a valuable amount of money, you can use that card to buy items on clearance and make sure you can make a profit once you resell them.

Step2: Buy Products

Just suppose that you have a $100 target card. You can use this card to buy an item on clearance. Let's say you buy a rack for $5, which is $15. You can sell this rack for $10. In this way, you will also get a profit

Step 3: Capture Aesthetic Pics

In the third step, you need to take a picture of the product from your phone, make sure that you assemble the product, and take captivating pictures which convince anyone to buy that product.

Step 4: Sell it

In the last step, you can post the pictures and details of the item on different platforms like Facebook marketplace and sell them to others. In this approach, you can also profit from the gift card if everything goes well.

One downside of this method is that sometimes your product may not sell, and you must wait a long time.

Regift To Someone

Sometimes, the work you have to do to exchange your card or buy products can be tiring, so if you don't want to do such activities, you can gift that card to someone in your circle.

You can give it to a friend interested in the same things which can be bought from a respected store. For example, if you are not interested in makeup but have a friend who purchased makeup the other day, you can send her your gift card.

Your gift card may not be helpful for you, but it can change someone's life. If you want to donate your gift card, then you can do it on a platform such as a charity certificate.

They collect gift cards and then match them to appropriate charities. In their pool, there are over 1000 charities. After the donation, you will receive a text receipt for the unused balance, which is also a tax benefit.

Buy Thing To Gift Others

If you want to avoid giving anyone unused gift cards, you can buy an item from that gift card and give it to your friends.

You may know about the interests of your best friend and then buy things from the gift card that your friend like

It is also another good option to utilize your gift card.

Turn Gift Cards Into Airline Miles

If you have a lot of unwanted gift cards and travel frequently, you can convert them into airline Miles.

There is an app named mileage plus, which helps convert gift cards into airline Miles. You only need to select the retailer and enter your gift card information.

Your gift card will be converted into extra miles.

Turn Gift Cards Into Airline Miles

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Can you return a gift card with a receipt?

You can't usually return a gift card even with the receipt. You can only return a gift card with the receipt when this State law requires it.

Can you buy something with a gift card and then return it for cash?

In most cases, no the items you buy with the help of a gift card are not refundable. The only store that allows you to do so is best buy.

Can You Return Gift Cards With Receipts?

A gift card can't be written in most cases, even if you have the receipt. All sales are considered final; once the gift card has been purchased, you can't return it and get the payment back.

Alternatively, the store order or the retailers may compensate differently, like giving you some store credit or swapping the card with another one.

Can You Return Gift Cards With Receipts?


It is common for almost all of us to have unwanted gift cards after Christmas, which are useless to us. If you are a saving wiz, you may want to know that you can return a gift card for cash?

In most cases, you can't return a gift card for the money. If you live in California or any other state that allows you to return a gift card for money, you can do that; otherwise, you can utilize them by another method we have already discussed. Read the article to know the best way to utilize your gift card.

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