It is hard sometimes to give a creative answer to this question which produces a spark at the beginning of the conversation. If you want to know  How To Respond To Wassup Creatively  then keep on reading

How To Respond To Wassup?

Wassup means what you are doing or how life is going.  You can answer the question in a typical way by saying nothing or not much and what about you, but this answer needs to be more creative to spark the conversation.

A proper answer to this question depends on the situation and who is asking. If you are also wondering how to respond to wassup, keep reading to find the correct response under different conditions.

How to Reply to “Wassup” Casually?

When any person greets you with a wassup, the most simple and expected answer to this question is a short greeting most of the time; people are not expecting an in-depth answer. They do not want to know about your life problems.

If you're meeting someone for the first time or if the person is not close to you, then the simple answer to the wassup can be

  • Everything is fine
  • Nothing special
  • Not much, what about you
  • Same old
  • Thanks for asking. I am good.

If you have some time for conversation, you can also respond to wassup by saying.

  • I am good, how are you?
  • Nothing special, how about you
  • Same, what about you
  • Everything is the same here; any change in your life?
  • I am fine, and I need your twenty minutes
  • Let me tell you about my problems; just kidding
  • For how long you can hear, I have much to share.
How to Reply to “Wassup” Casually

How To Reply To “Wassup” When You’re Busy?

If you are busy and need more time to reply to the person appropriately or want to avoid starting a conversation, then you can answer in any of the following ways.

I Am Busy With My Work. Can We Talk Later?

You can answer to wassup in this manner if you are busy or you don't want to talk with your classmate or any colleague.

It is a good response to Wassup and doesn't sound rude. Also, it makes sense, and the other person will know you are performing your job. Using this line will give the impression that you are busy, but you can catch up later.

I Am Just Hanging Out, And It's Been A Busy Week.

It is a creative and good answer to reply to a class member or any person you are not close to but don't want to stay too formal. Instead of saying I hate my job or I hate to work here, you can say this, and it will be a good way to acknowledge to others that you are under the workload.

Counting The Minutes Till Weekend

We all love weekends and hate Mondays, so if you are at work and someone comes to you and asks wassup, you can show your busy schedule by saying that I am counting the minutes till the weekend.

If you want to look busy and stressed, you can use a depressed tone or a more cheerful or happy tone to show that you have something specific that you are looking forward to.

Jennifer Has Been Since 5 Am, And She Is Exhausted.

It is one of the most creative ways to tell someone you are exhausted. You can use your name instead of Jennifer, and the other person will know that you are working till morning and stressed because of that.

How To Reply To “Wassup” If You Want To Get To Know Someone Better

How To Reply To “Wassup” If You Want To Get To Know Someone Better

Wassup is also considered one of the great icebreakers, and if someone asks you Wassup, you have a chance to get to know them better, and if you want to keep the conversation going, then you can answer this by saying.

  • I am good, thanks for asking. How about you
  • If you want to know the schedule other than you can also say that I am free. What are you up to today?
  • If your close friend or any relative is meeting you after a long time, you can also say that I am good, but what have you been up to lately?
  • If you have a busy schedule and you're managing college and a job simultaneously, then another creative way to answer this question is to have many things on your mind.
  • You can also answer this by saying that I feel better after looking at you, I was waiting for you, or let's grab a coffee and start the conversation.

You can also use any other response or mix one or two. It depends on your creativity and your interest in starting the conversation.

How To Reply To “Wassup” In A  Funny Way

If you are in a happy mood and the person you are meeting is also happy, you can start the conversation by replying to wassup in the following ways.

I Don’t Know. I’ve Never Been There.”

This is a response from ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” If the person you are meeting is a fan of comics and science fiction, you can answer this with the deadpan face.

My Mom Just Got Me A Wolf For My Birthday.

You can answer wassup in any upside way. It is optional to use the same line. You can also say that I have a boyfriend or how much time you have, and when they reply to this, say no and run away.

The Ceiling Or The Helicopter

This answer is funny and sarcastic at the same time. You can change the response to the helicopter star or sky if you are outside, and if the person asking has a good sense of humor, they will enjoy it.

My Rent

This is a funny answer if you are lagging in paying the bills, and if the other person is goofy and in the same situation, they will find it funny. You can also change this to Gas prices or anything costly in your area.

Not Your Zipper

When you answer the wassup with not your zipper, the person will immediately look towards their jeans if their zipper is not up.

The person might panic, but when they realize they will love and will enjoy this also, if their zipper  is not up, then it is also a good way to let them know without makeup, they feel weird.

Everything That’s Supposed To Be

This response is funny, simple, and straightforward. It also means that you are not in the mode of conversation but don't want to sound rude. The Other person may love it, and you can walk away after saying that.

How To Reply To “Wassup” In A Flirty Way

If you have a crush on someone and they ask you that wassup or how you are, then you can use these two techniques to reply in the best way possible.

Try To Make It Obvious

If you are in the mood to talk with them and spend some time with them, then a nice response to wassup will be

  • nothing much wanna drink a cup of coffee with me
  • you can also say that thank God you have finally noticed me
  • Another flirty and quick answer to this question is much better as I am talking with you

Stay Low-key

You want to make it obvious, but you don't have to sound impatient for them, so if you want to flirt with them and be a little casual, you can respond in these ways.

I am free to grab a coffee.

I can't wait for the weekend. What are you doing on the weekend?

How To Reply To “Wassup” When You Are Not Interested In Talking?

If someone you dislike or are not interested in talking with approaches you and you want to end the conversation immediately, then you can reply to wassup in a little sarcastic manner like this.

My Blood Pressure After Talking With You

Suppose you're not a great fan of the person you are talking to, and you don't want them to bother you. You can funnily tell them by saying my blood pressure when I talk with you. This answer can give you a laugh or a new enemy, So make sure you are using it carefully and not offending anyone.

A proposition

If you look at English grammar, you will know that the word up is a proposition, so you can also reply to that proposition and walk away without saying anything. This is a funny answer and will help you escape from the person.


If you don't even want to answer anything to the person, then you can tell them that their time is up. This will indicate that you are a busy bee and don't have time to waste on them because you have better plans on your to-do list.

IT'S A Bee... IT'S A Bird ... IT'S SUPERMAN!

You can answer this question in a silly way by looking at the sky for a minute or two and then screaming excitedly that it's a bee or Spider-Man. The louder it is, the better it will be. After answering this, you can just run away.

I Am Sorry, But It's Not For You. And If You Know That I Have To Kill You.

If you don't want to tell the other person anything about yourself, then the most simple l

and a good way to answer wassup is to act like you are a spy and your information is too valuable. If you could answer like this, they would find it funny, and you would also be saved from answering their silly question.

Opposite Of Down

Another creative way to answer this question is to say that it is the opposite of the down. The other person is using the word wassup, and in actuality, the definition of UP is the opposite of down. Just say it and walk away.

My Social Battery Is Down, Or I Am Programmed Not To Say Anything.

If we look at the most common answer of wassup, we will note that 99% of the answer to this question is not much.

It is the easiest thing to say, and if you want to say not much but also want to be creative simultaneously, you can say that your social battery is low or I am not programmed to say anything.

How To Answer Wassup On Chat

We already have discussed some of the most creative answers to wassup when you physically meet the person. Still, sometimes it is also possible that you are not meeting the person physically, and they can't see your facial expression.

If you want to answer wassup with the same creativity in chat, here are some of the situations and the answers to wassup in such situations.

How To Answer Wassup On Dating Apps?

How To Answer Wassup On Dating Apps

Dating apps are good, but things may get a little tangled, and you may feel weird.

If you receive this message from a girl or boy you have already been talking to, it is normal to answer, but it may be a little tricky to answer for the first time.

But you can answer it in such ways.

Just Some Dating Apps

If you are tired of bumble or tinder, you can joke lightly by saying that these apps are up.

That Picture Of You Is Making My Heartbeat Up

If you are attracted to the other person and want to talk with them and get to know them better, you can start the conversation or answer to wassup by complimenting them.

Instead Of Wasting Time Here, Let's Grab A Coffee Or A Drink

If you need to take a break from messaging and want to meet your match in person, then instead of replying, nothing much or wassup, you can invite them to a coffee or a  drink date.

How Did You Know That I Was Waiting For You?

If you are waiting for someone's reply, you can answer by saying that I was waiting for you or this is my first ever favorite message on tinder.

Sightseeing On Tinder

If you are unable to start a conversation normally and you are an introvert, but you still want to sound good, then you can say I was sightseeing on tinder when someone said wassup and after that, you can ask questions like why you swipe right on me or what is your weirdest match.

How To Casually Answer Wassup On chat?

If you want to avoid filling your mind with different answers, you can follow these two methods and answer anyone on the chat.

Try to Compliment

Giving a compliment is a great way to keep the conversation going if you are interested in the person.

The person asking you wassup will expect you to talk about yourself, but instead of focusing on yourself, you can say that.

  • I was ill but talking to you made me feel ok
  • With you, I always feel happy
  • Your text made me smile

Being Optimistic Is also A good option.

The world is filled with negativity, and nowadays, it is common for people to be disappointed quickly by their condition.

In such a situation, if you stay optimistic and answer wassup positively, it will leave a good impression. You can say that.

  • Everything is wonderful, and I believe that everything will be
  • Like always, I am good
  • I am happy and appreciate god Gifts

How To Respond To Wassup From Opposite Gender?

How To Respond To Wassup From Opposite Gender

It is really hard for some people to talk with the opposite gender, especially if they have a crush on them, so if you also want to know how to respond to wassup from a boy or girl, then here are some of the common answers you can use are

  • Nothing much
  • You can also jokingly say my love for you
  • A two-alphabet word
  • Waiting for your text
  • Thinking about you

These are some simple ways to answer the most simple question of Wassup up. You can use your creativity to develop new answers or mix 1 or 2 answers according to the situation.

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Is wassup rude?

No, it doesn't sound rude and is one of the common icebreaker questions you can ask.

What can you say instead of wassup?

Instead of wassup, you can also say sup, hi, or hello.


Many teenagers nowadays want to look creative and cool for this purpose. They may want a creative answer to everything; the same is true with Wassup. If you also want to know How To Respond To Wassup in different situations, this article will help you find some new ways.

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