If you are tired of everyone and looking for inspiration, these inspirational quotes for teens may help you determine what you want and how capable you are. Just look at these quotations, and you may find something which helps heal the wounds that no one sees.

Inspirational Quotes For Teens

Just Remember Who You Are, And The Throne Will Be Your

Sometimes because of bad incidents which occur continuously in our life, we forget who we are. If you had $1000 in your account and someone stole the two dollars, you would not cry over the two dollars and would try to protect the remaining amount.

The same is the case with your life. If your two days are bad, it doesn't mean you have to spoil the whole week or month by thinking about the two days; remember who you are and how many problems you have overcome.

Be Yourself: An Original Prada Bag Is Worth More Than A Copy

Sometimes, you want to be your parent's favorite or your teacher's favorite, and for that purpose, you want to change yourself and become completely different from yourself.

Some teenagers also change themselves to become a girlfriend or boyfriends of someone they like. If you want to be someone, you don't have to change because a person who can't respect you doesn't deserve to be with you. So don't change yourself for a boy or girl because the moon has no comparison with the sun, and they only shine when it's their time.

If You Believe In The Tooth Fairy For Like Ten Years Of Your Life, Then Why You Don't Believe In Yourself For Just 10 Minutes

We all believed in the Tooth fairy and Santa Claus as a child. We try to become good children so that Santa Claus will award us the best gift instead of a notebook and a pen. In childhood, we all believed in fictional characters like Pikachu, Santa Claus, and the Tooth fairy, but in the teenage years, you cannot believe in a real human being.

Looking back, you will realize how far you have come and how many hurdles you have overcome alone. Never think you cannot do something because you can do anything. You only need a positive mindset and consistency, so believe in yourself, and you will have it one day.

You Believe In The Tooth Fairy

Your life will not be yours if you will think that what others think

If you are going to think about what others are thinking about you, then what other people will do for you, let everyone think about you. It's not your responsibility to stay from other people's perspectives.

Do whatever makes you happy because you are only responsible for making yourself happy, not others. If you love wearing black lipstick and want a septum piercing, then go for it. If you want to be a tomboy and this makes you happy, then do it because you can't make everyone happy, so make yourself happy.

Love Your Scars Because They Are Your Beauty

Some scars are on our bodies, while others are on our souls. Scars on the body may recover and don't even leave a mark, but the scars on our souls always have a mark on our hearts.

In the past, you were in an abusive relationship, or someone bullied you, or even you were raped, but you gathered the courage to overcome the abusive relationship or stop the hand of a bully. This shows how strong you are; you only need to realize at that moment that you are more powerful than all. So if you are thinking of giving up at any point in life, look at this scar because it is a sign that you defeated storms bigger than you.

Work Without Looking At The Clock If You Want To Buy Things Without Looking At The Price Tag

As a teenager or as a human being, you may want many things which you could not afford as a teenager, but if, as an adult, you cannot afford things, then it's your fault.

If you are born in a poor household, it's not your fault, but if you die poor, then obviously, it's your fault. Ups and downs are a part of life, but it doesn't mean you have to give up. Never compromise on your dreams because when Ronaldo told his father that he would buy a car one day, his father laughed at him, but now he can't even count the cars. Work so hard until the expensive things become cheap for you.

With An Umbrella, You Can Stand In The Rain.

This quotation may seem strange to you, and you need help sorting out the relationship between an umbrella and your life. Still, there is a deep relation because umbrellas indicate a positive mindset and confidence while the rain indicates the problems of your life.

With the help of an umbrella, you can't stop the rain, but it gives you the courage to stand in the rain. Similarly, self-confidence and courage can't stop problems from coming into your life, but they will help solve them.

With An Umbrella, You Can Stand In The Rain

Love yourself if you want others to love you

This may seem odd because after reading that, as a teenager, you think that you love yourself, but not many teenagers do love themselves. You have marks on your arm, and you can't wear sleeveless dresses because of that. If you love yourself, why are you cutting your skin like paper?

Other people can't love you or respect you if you are not going to respect yourself.

If you think that you love yourself and that other person still not respecting you, then you are at the wrong place because a loaf of bread costs 2 to 3 dollars on earth, but it costs 50 to 60 dollars on a plane, so change your place and you will be valued.

Failure Is Not Final Success Is Not Divine; It's Just A Part Of Life

Many teenagers nowadays must read or listen to that because they think that just failing a maths test will affect their career and they will not be able to get anything in life. That's not the case; it's just the maths test. There are much bigger things in life. It's completely okay to fail because it indicates that you are trying.

So if you fail, consider it as a part of life, take a rest, move on, and then again work hard for it.

If You Want To Be Undefeated, Then Learn To Stay Alone

Making friends and being in the company of good and supportive people is good, but if you want to succeed, you must live alone. A Ferrari only has two seats while a bus has 30, so when you start to work on yourself, you will lose many friends.

The main thing here is that you must learn how to live alone and not be lonely. Many people think being alone and lonely is the same thing, but it's different. Being alone means enjoying your company, while being lonely means you are missing someone or unable to enjoy your company.

Luck Is For Lazy People

This quote may seem like luck is for lazy people, but it's just an inspiration for teenagers. Sometimes someone may get lucky and win the lottery, but in most cases, luck is only for lazy people, and it's just an excuse that you are not lucky.

To become successful, you don't need luck; all you need is hard work, dedication, and consistency, so work hard and prove to the world that luck is nothing.

Luck Is For Lazy People

Millionaires Are Not Born; They Are Made

If you are a fan of Disney, you most probably have seen the Lion King movie, and you know that Simba's father, Mufasa, was killed and had to run away for his life. For many teenagers, it was just a movie, but for me, it was a lesson that Kings are not born. They are made.

Simba was born into a royal family, but he fights for the throne and proves himself worthy of that crown. If you want to be a millionaire and a king of an empire, you have to fight for it because millionaires are also not born; they are made.

Your Imperfections Are Your Beauty

We live in a world with fake beauty standards. Here in this world, an hourglass figure is considered a perfect figure. Your skin must glow like glass, and you know how to walk in heels. Because of the fake beauty standards, many teenagers forget the real meaning of life and try to become like some Instagram influencers.

If you have imperfections like stretch marks or acne, it doesn't mean that you are not beautiful. Those imperfections are more beautiful than these fake beauty standards. The same is the case with your personality traits. If you are stubborn, it doesn't mean you are not good; you don't have to change yourself to fit in this fake world. Just be your original self, and the world will change for you.

Your Imperfections Are Your Beauty

Be A Diamond For World; Not Only Expensive But Also Unbreakable

If we talk about one of the most beautiful and elegant Stones in the world, it is undoubtedly a diamond. Many people want to wear diamonds, but only a few can afford them.

Another trait that attracts me a lot is the hardness of the diamond. No one can break a diamond easily, so I advise you to be a diamond in your life so only people who can afford you and know your real worth can get you. Also, on the other hand, you must be so strong, like a diamond, that no one can break you easily, no matter how hard they try.

Your Only Limitation Is Your Fear

The teenage years are considered the best years of life if you want to become successful because, at this age, you have the maximum energy for doing whatever you want. Many people take advantage of this and become whatever they want.

On the other hand, some people cannot do anything just because of their mindset. Such teenagers are afraid to try new things, but if you are hard-working enough, you can succeed in all fields of life, and the fear is just in your mind; try to overcome this limitation and work fearlessly.

Nothing Is Impossible; No One Just Tried To Do It

When a scientist claim that a human can fly in the sky, other companions laugh and claim that he is made same was the case with Graham Bell when he declared that you could talk to a person on the other corner of the world. These things seemed impossible at that moment because no one ever tried to do them.

So, if you also want to do something and are afraid that it is impossible, then don't be afraid because nothing is impossible, and you can achieve everything you want.

Nothing Is Impossible

Hard Work And Sticking To Goals Are More Attractive Than Looks.

A girl with a face full of makeup and without any goal in life may seem attractive temporarily, but what is attractive is a woman with goals, ambition, and trying to build a Kingdom of her own.

You don't have to kill your feminine side to become a lady boss but make sure that you not only focus on fashion and clothes.

Don't Do What You Can Do. Try To Do What Everyone Says You Can't

This quote may seem a little weird, but it is a dual meaning. The first meaning of the quote is that you don't need to do what you are an expert at doing. If you continuously do the same thing you know how to do, you will not learn any new things and will be stuck forever with the same work.

And the other meaning of the quote is that nothing is impossible for you, and if anyone is telling you that you can't do anything you always wanted to do, then slap their face not with your hand but with your actions.

You Have To Open Your Wings If You Want To Fly

What is the essential thing if you want to fly? You will answer wings, but how will you fly if you are not opening your wings? Maybe you are scared of storms, and your wings may break because of the storm.

It is completely okay if you fear storms in your heart but never allows those storms to overcome you because you and your ability are much stronger than some ordinary storms, so open your wings and fly high.

If Life Is Putting Pressure On You, Then Make Sure To Become A Diamond

If you look at your environment, you will know that all the beautiful things around us have to bear some inconveniences. If we look at the flower, we will know that the flower first has to be a part of the dirt to bloom. The same is the case with diamonds.

It is just a piece of coal that bears the excessive pressure elegantly and turns into a precious gem. So if life gives you hardship and you are under pressure, try to bear it elegantly, so you also turn into a diamond.

Trust Your Gut( Give Yourself Time)

As you can see, this quotation delivers dual meaning and combines two important life rules. You can dedicate it to a friend who wants everything done in a minute and never listens to his gut.

Many people nowadays don't trust their gut feeling and do what others tell them. You have to ensure that you are not following others' advice and giving yourself time because converting from a Caterpillar to a butterfly always takes time.

Don't Walk On Someone Else Path; Create Your Own

Many teenagers follow the path of someone they know. Nowadays, it is common to see someone becoming a doctor, and when you ask why they reply my elder sister is a doctor, and she earns well, I am becoming one.

If someone in your family is a doctor or engineer and he is earning well, it doesn't mean that you have to be like them. You can choose a different occupation. If you are interested in becoming a doctor or engineer, you can do so, but if you have no interest in it, don't go for it and make your path instead of walking on others' paths.

You Are Not Crazy. You Are Just Limited Edition

It is common nowadays if someone doesn't match their energy and is a little different from them; they call them weird or crazy.

If you also have a completely different attitude from those around you, and they call you weird or crazy, then don't worry because you are not crazy. You are just a limited edition.

You Can Only Fill Other Glasses If Yours Is Empty

It is always a good option to stay kind to the people around us but never keep anyone above you. If you feel your mental health is declining because of some person's behavior, immediately remove the person from your circle.

If you want to love others, you must first love yourself because if your glass is empty, you can't fill others' glass.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Thank God That It's Not Covid

It is one of the best inspirational quotes for a teenager who always complains about things. If you have a friend in your circle who continuously complains about different things, you can dedicate this quote to them.

This quotation means that if you have problems, think of the good in your life because there can be bigger inconveniences.

Work So Hard That One Day The World Will Celebrate Your Birthday

Success is not easy, but you can still be different and successful people have different criteria for success. You are successful when the world celebrates your birthday.

If you look at some great personalities like Ronaldo or Elon musk, you will see that these people have a very poor background and are self-made, so when they can do it, why not you can do the same? Work so hard that one day your picture will be on Burj khalifa.

Gather The Stone People Throw At You And Make A Castle Using Them

You can't do this, you are too fat to become an athlete, or you are not smart to win this. These are some of the lines you may listen to daily, but it doesn't mean you are not enough. These are the stones that people throw at you for giving you. Pain

Now, it depends on whether you use these stones to make a Castle or continue to cry sitting on these stones. You can't make everyone happy so try to make yourself happy and build the castle when everyone criticizes you.

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What can we do to succeed in life?

It depends on your mindset and what success is for you. Success is just earning a six-figure income for some people while becoming a millionaire for others. It doesn't matter what your goals are. The only things that can help you succeed are consistency, discipline, and hard work.

Is it ok to be frustrated sometimes?

Yes, it is completely okay to be frustrated sometimes. When you are tired of life, just rest and prepare yourself for the next day. Stronger people are not those who never cry, but they are the one who cries and then fights again.


It is common for all of us to be tired and seek inspiration. Sometimes if you are also tired of working and think you are not enough, here are some inspirational quotes for teens.

These quotations will help you buck up and fight again and be a good choice if you want to motivate someone.

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