Whether it's a joke about the kitchen sink or pulling an elaborate prank involving high-tech gadgets, these easy pranks will leave your boyfriend in hysterics.

When it comes to relationships, one of the key things you need to do is build trust. And one of the easiest ways to do that is by playing a prank on your boyfriend. From shaving his head to filling his car with cement, you can play plenty of pranks on your partner to make him laugh and put trust back into your relationship. Remember: A prank is a way to have fun and build confidence; don’t take it too seriously!

Sometimes, you just need to play with your boyfriend. Sometimes, he needs to be played with too. This piece on funny pranks to play on your boyfriend is a great read for the weekend.

A prank is a way to have fun and build confidence

What Is A Prank?

Pranks are often played on friends, family, or co-workers and can be hilarious and harmless. Some common prank ideas include hiding something unexpected in someone's food, calling them at an inopportune time, or leaving a funny note on their desk. No matter what the prank, always be sure to think about your target's feelings before pulling it off!

Different Small Pranks Ideas To Play On Your Boyfriend

When dating, there are always chances for a prank or two. Whether it's pulling one over on him by dressing up like a random character from his favorite show or making him believe you've been kidnapped and locked in a closet, there's plenty of fun to be had when you're out together. But what if you want to do something a little bit more clever? Here are some different pranks that will have your boyfriend laughing out loud!

1. Fake your death: This one's probably the most classic prank of all time. When your partner thinks you've passed away, he'll be completely devastated – and hilariously surprised when he wakes up and sees that everything is just as normal as ever. Just make sure to do this prank well enough so that he genuinely believes it was you who died!

2. Pretend to be mad at him: One of the best ways to get your boyfriend's attention is to act angry with him – even if you're not mad. By doing this, he'll start paying more attention to you than ever.

3. Hide his phone: One of the worst things about dating is having constant anxiety about why your partner is on the phone. Is he talking to someone else? Well, this prank will surely be a hit if you go through such a thing. By hiding his phone, you will know that it is just harmless internet browsing keeping him hooked to the phone or something else.

Different Big Pranks Ideas To Play On Your Boyfriend

Different Big Pranks Ideas To Play On Your Boyfriend

Prank Your Boyfriend With A Fake Pregnancy Test

Looking to prank your boyfriend? Check out these ideas!

1. Tell him you’re pregnant—but make sure it’s a fake pregnancy test! This will put a smile on his face, and you can even surprise him with an ultrasound or crib if the prank goes well.

2. Make a fake pregnancy announcement video and post it online—this will shock and surprise him! You could even use funny pregnancy quotes to add authenticity to your video.

4. Get creative and come up with your prank—there are no limits to playing pranks on your boyfriend! Just be sure that whatever you do is funny and memorable so he won’t forget about it anytime soon!

Prank Your Boyfriend With A Fake Std Test

If you're looking for a fun way to prank your boyfriend, consider setting up a fake STD test. This can be a fun way to surprise him and ensure he's always prepared for anything! You'll need supplies, including a pregnancy test, false negatives, positive strips, and your boyfriend's trust. Start prepping your test kit by adding the necessary ingredients: the pregnancy test, the false negatives strip, and the false positives strip.

Cut out pieces of each strip so that they will fit in the vial correctly. Once everything is ready, take your boyfriend to get tested. Have him walk into the clinic while you hold onto his hand and tell them that you have found something on his test that needs to be confirmed. If he protests or tries to leave, just keep talking to him until he's done testing. Once he's finished testing, give him the results and let him know you were just playing around with him!

Prank Your Boyfriend With A Fake Doctor’s Appointment

Are you looking for a prank to pull on your boyfriend? Here are some great ideas that will make him laugh.

1. Arrive at his house unexpectedly with a doctor's appointment card in hand.

2. Make an appointment for him to go to the doctor and then cancel at the last minute.

3. Tell him that you've been diagnosed with a serious illness and need to see a doctor immediately.

4. Set up an elaborate fake medical emergency scene in his home and have him videotape it for posterity!

Prank Your Boyfriend With A Fake Injury

Looking to prank your boyfriend without actually hurting him? Here are some hilarious pranks to do on your guy!

1. Fake Injury Prank: One of the most classic and effective pranks is to fake an injury, whether a scrape or bruise. Pretend to fall and let your guy help you up, only to cry out in pain suddenly. He’ll be so surprised and worried that you’ve hurt yourself that he’ll be easy prey for your next prank!

2. Broken Glass Prank: If you have broken glass lying around, this is the perfect prank for you! Pretend to get injured while trying to clean up the shards of glass, and tell your boyfriend that you need help getting up. As soon as he reaches down to help you, jump back and scream in pain—he’ll be surprised by how realistic this prank is!

4. Hot Sauce Prank: This one is especially fun if your guy loves spicy foods! While he’s eating his dinner or snack, secretly pour some sauce on the food. You will have an extremely funny reaction to capture!

Prank To Break Up With Your Boyfriend

The most common way to do this prank is to start acting distant or aloof. This will make him feel like he's losing you and may prompt him to ask you why things are getting tough. If he starts becoming too clingy or desperate, let him hear the fake bad news. His reaction would surely tell you how much you and this relationship mean to him!

Crazy Messages Prank

There are so many easy pranks to play on your significant other that you're sure to have some fun! Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Send him a long message that's mostly just gibberish. He'll have no idea what it means, but he'll be amused when he tries to decode it!

2. Act like you're not interested in talking to him and suddenly turn around and start chatting with him intensely. It'll throw him off balance and make him feel like you're up to something!

3. Sneak up on him while he's looking at his phone and jump on his back unexpectedly. He'll have a good laugh when he figures out what happened!

Fake Trip To The Hospital

Look no further if you're looking for easy pranks to play on your boyfriend! Here are a few of our favorite fake trips to the hospital pranks:

1. Tell him you're feeling sick and need to go to the doctor. When he takes you there, have a little fun with the nurses by pretending to be unconscious or having a seizure!

2. Tell him you've had terrible stomach pains and need to go to the ER. When he takes you there, have a great time prank-calling your friends and making them believe you're in serious trouble!

3. Sneak out of bed early one morning and tell your boyfriend that you have an emergency appointment at the hospital. When he drives you there, have a blast playing dead or pretending to be incoherent in the waiting room!

Makeup Prank

Here are some easy makeup prank ideas to keep you entertained while spending quality time with your boo.

1. Paint his eyebrows black and say they need to be redone.

2. Fill in his eyebrows with a dark eye shadow and say he needs a new set of brows.

3. Put bright pink lipstick on his lips and say he needs to start wearing more lipstick around town.

4. Cover his entire face in foundation, saying it's time he got serious about putting on makeup daily.

5. Add green eyeshadow to his eyelids, telling him he looks like a troll when he wears that color combination!

Don't Answer His Calls Prank

If you're tired of your boyfriend constantly calling and texting you, there are a few easy pranks you can play on him to get his attention. One easy prank is answering his calls and pretending to be someone else, like your best friend or mom. If he presses you for more information, feign ignorance and say that you don't know who that person is.

Secret Message In His Shampoo Bottle

If you're looking for a fun prank to play on your boyfriend, look no further than his shampoo bottle! Here are five easy prank ideas that you can try:

1. Add a secret message to his shampoo bottle that he won't be able to read until he rinses it off. This is a great way to add a little bit of excitement and spontaneity to the relationship!

2. Change the color of his shampoo bottle so that he can figure out what it's supposed to look like once he's finished using it. This is especially fun if you do this in conjunction with a secret message!

3. Scent his shampoo bottle with something fragrant, such as flowers or cologne. He'll have to wash it off before figuring out what's causing the smell!

4. Fill his shampoo bottle with water, then add shaving cream or soap flakes so that he has to use lots of water to get them all out. This will soak into his hair and create an annoying mess!

5. Put a sticky note inside his shampoo bottle warning him not to drink the contents - this will surely make him laugh when he tries to take a sip later!

Hide A Ring On Him And Set The Alarm Off To Scare Him

If you're looking for a prank that will scare your boyfriend, hiding a ring on him and setting the alarm off is one way to do it. It's simple, effective, and will leave him wondering what happened!

Get His Clothes Dirty

If you're looking for some easy and fun pranks to play on your boyfriend, here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Get his clothes dirty. This is a classic prank that you can do in many different ways, but the simplest way is to get him walking around in muddy or wet clothes. If he's not too careful, he'll end up with a pretty disgusting mess on his hands!

2. Surprise him with the smell of garlic. Another classic prank you can do in many ways is to surprise your boyfriend with the smell of garlic. You could either put some minced garlic into something he usually eats or sprays it all over his clothes and let him go about his business. He'll soon realize that something smells weird and will probably start asking what's happening!

3. Play practical jokes on him at work. One of the best things about being in a relationship is playing practical jokes on your partner when they're out of the room. This can range from sneaking up behind them and giving them a big hug to throwing water balloons at them while they're working! It's always great fun to see how much havoc we can wreak when undetected!

Tips For Successful Pranks

Pranks can be a lot of fun, and if you're good at them, they can also be quite hilarious. There are a few tricks to pull off successful pranks on your boyfriend.

1. Think about the type of prank you'd like to play. Some easy jokes work well on party guests, while more elaborate pranks are better suited for when you have a group of friends over.

2. Make sure your prank is safe. If it involves any kind of dangerous or harmful activity, make sure to get the consent of those involved before starting.

3. Be creative. There's no need to stick to the same old jokes – mix things up a bit to keep your victims on their toes!

4. Have fun! If you're having too much fun pranking people, chances are they're having too much fun too – which is always a good thing!

5. Choose a prank that he’s likely to do himself. For example, if your boyfriend is a fan of practical jokes, try staging a prank where you turn his phone off or change the settings so that his notifications won’t stop ringing. He’ll be sure to notice!

.6 Make sure the prank is believable. If you want him to think you’ve pulled off an elaborate prank, make sure all of your preparations are genuine and that you know what you’re doing.

7. Be prepared for possible backlash. Some people might get angry if their loved ones pull off a particularly cruel prank, so be prepared for some heated reactions – but don’t forget, this is all part of the fun!

Tips For Successful Pranks

What Are The Risks Of A Prank?

If you're thinking of pulling a prank on your boyfriend, be aware of the risks! First and foremost, pranks can easily backfire and result in serious consequences. Second, messing with someone's emotions can be incredibly hurtful - even if they don't realize it at the time. Finally, some pranks are unsafe, like setting off a bomb or using dangerous chemicals and could lead to serious injury or death. So before you start planning any hilarious shenanigans, be sure to think about all of the potential consequences!


Whether you're just starting your relationship or you've been together for some time, there are sure to be times when things get a little hairy. Between fights and disagreements, it can be tough not to lose your temper – but that's where pranks come in handy! Pranking your boyfriend can make him laugh and feel special simultaneously, which is always good. Sometimes, you just need to play with your boyfriend. Sometimes, he needs to be played with too. This piece on funny pranks to play on your boyfriend is a great read for the weekend.

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