Facetime, with its video call capabilities, offers a convenient and interactive way to bridge the gap and bring people closer together. However, casual conversations during Facetime calls can sometimes feel monotonous and lack the excitement we crave. That's where the power of engaging in activities comes in.


You can transform ordinary video calls into memorable and interactive experiences by incorporating fun-filled activities into your Facetime sessions. These activities help maintain strong connections and inject a sense of joy and entertainment into your conversations. Whether you're looking for virtual games, creative exchanges, virtual tours, or opportunities for learning and growth, there are countless ways to make your Facetime calls more engaging and enjoyable. So, get ready to discover a range of captivating activities that will leave you eagerly looking forward to your next Facetime adventure.

Things To Do On Facetime For Fun

Things To Do On Facetime For Fun

Virtual games and challenges on Facetime bring an element of entertainment and friendly competition to your calls. They provide an opportunity to bond, showcase your skills, and create shared experiences, making your Facetime sessions more enjoyable and memorable.

20 Games And Challenges Ideas With Your Boyfriend

Games And Challenges Ideas With Your Boyfriend

Playing games and taking up challenges with your boyfriend on Facetime can be a fun and exciting way to bond and create lasting memories. Here are 20 games and challenge ideas for your Facetime sessions:

  1. Guess the Song: Take turns playing a few seconds of a song, and the other person has to guess the title and artist.
  2. Two Truths and a Lie: Each person shares three statements about themselves, and the other person has to guess which one is false.
  3. Movie Trivia: Test your knowledge of movies by asking each other trivia questions.
  4. Never Have I Ever: Take turns sharing experiences or situations you've never encountered, and see who has done it.
  5. Emoji Interpretation: Send each other random emojis, and guess what they represent or how they relate to your relationship.
  6. 20 Questions: Think of an object or person; the other person has 20 questions to guess what it is.
  7. Charades: Act out words, phrases, or movie titles while the other person tries to guess.
  8. Drawing Challenge: Choose a random object or theme, and both of you draw it within a time limit. Compare your drawings afterward.
  9. Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of items for each other to find in your respective locations within a specific time frame.
  10. Word Association: Say a word, and the other person has to respond quickly with the first word that comes to mind. Keep the chain going.
  11. Virtual Board Games: Play online board games together, such as chess, Scrabble, or Monopoly.
  12. Finish the Lyrics: Sing a line from a song, and the other person has to complete it.
  13. Riddles: Take turns challenging each other with riddles and see who can solve them first.
  14. Accent Challenge: Attempt different accents or impersonations and guess what they are.
  15. Virtual Would You Rather: Present each other with difficult choices and explain your reasoning behind your decisions.
  16. 20-Second Storytelling: Each person tells a story in 20 seconds, and then it's the other person's turn.
  17. Trivia Challenge: Find a trivia website or app and compete against each other to answer general knowledge questions.
  18. Dance-Off: Choose a song and have a dance battle while the other person judges.
  19. Virtual Karaoke: Take turns singing your favorite songs and serenade each other.
  20. DIY Challenge: Choose a DIY project or craft, gather your materials, and work on it together on Facetime. Compare your creations at the end.

10 Games And Challenges Ideas With Your Crush

Here are 10 unique game and challenge ideas to enjoy with your crush on Facetime:

  1. Desert Island: Each person takes turns sharing three items they would bring to a desert island and explains why.
  2. Celebrity Trivia: Test your knowledge of celebrities by asking each other trivia questions about their lives and careers.
  3. Guess the Movie Quote: Share famous quotes from movies and challenge each other to guess the movie it's from.
  4. Impression Challenge: Take turns doing impressions of famous people, characters, or even each other, and try to guess who or what it is.
  5. Cooking Competition: Choose a recipe and cook the same dish while on Facetime. Compare the final results and taste them together.
  6. Bucket List Challenge: Share your bucket lists and take turns discussing the items on them, exploring shared dreams and aspirations.
  7. Rhyme Time: Start with a word, and each person turns saying a word that rhymes. See how long you can keep the rhyme going.
  8. Story Chain: Begin a story with a few sentences, then take turns adding to it, building an imaginative and collaborative tale.
  9. Meme Battle: Share funny memes, and try to outdo one another by finding the funniest ones.
  10. DIY Virtual Date: Plan and execute a virtual date together, such as a virtual picnic or a movie night with synchronized streaming.

10 Games And Challenges Ideas With Your Girlfriend

Games And Challenges Ideas With Your Girlfriend

Here are 10 unique games and challenge ideas to enjoy with your girlfriend on Facetime:

  1. Name That Tunes - Love Edition: Play short clips of romantic songs and challenge each other to guess the title and artist.
  2. Compliment Battle: Take turns giving each other heartfelt compliments and see who can create the most creative and sincere ones.
  3. Romantic Poetry: Write and recite romantic poems for each other, showcasing your creative side.
  4. Emotional Expressions: Take turns expressing different emotions through facial expressions and body language, and try to guess what each emotion represents.
  5. Love Trivia: Test your knowledge of love and relationships with trivia questions focused on romance, dating, and famous couples.
  6. Virtual Scenic Date: Explore different virtual scenic backgrounds together and describe the imaginary dates you would have in each location.
  7. Couple's Playlist: Create a collaborative playlist of songs with special meaning for your relationship and listen to it together.
  8. Dream Vacation Planning: Discuss and plan your dream vacation together, sharing ideas for destinations, activities, and experiences you'd love to have.
  9. Relationship Timeline: Take turns recalling and sharing memorable moments from your relationship, from the first date to significant milestones.
  10. Love Letter Challenge: Each person writes a heartfelt love letter and reads it aloud to the other, expressing her feelings and appreciation.

10 Games And Challenges Ideas With Your BFF

Here are 10 unique game and challenge ideas to enjoy with your best friend on Facetime:

  1. Best Friend Trivia: Test how well you know each other with trivia questions about your friendship, favorite things, and shared memories. You can ask video game trivia questions to your friends. If you dont have to know the type of question, click here to learn.
  2. Funny Faces Challenge: Take turns making the silliest and funniest faces possible and see who can make the other person laugh the most.
  3. Bucket List Exchange: Share your bucket lists and discuss your dreams and aspirations, supporting each other's goals.
  4. Storytime: Fact or Fiction: Take turns telling stories, and the other person has to guess if it's a true experience or a fictional tale.
  5. Dance Party: Choose a favorite song and have a virtual dance party together, showcasing your best moves.
  6. Word Chain: Start with a word, and each person takes turns saying a new word that is related. Try to keep the chain going as long as possible.
  7. Movie Character Impersonations: Challenge each other to impersonate famous movie characters and guess who they are portraying.
  8. DIY Craft Challenge: Choose a craft project and work on it simultaneously while sharing progress and creative ideas.
  9. Friendship Bracelet Making: Learn how to make friendship bracelets together and send them to each other as a symbol of your bond.
  10. Dream Destination Presentation: Research and prepare short presentations on your dream travel destinations and share them.

10 Games And Challenges Ideas With Your Family

Games And Challenges Ideas With Your Family

Here are 10 unique game and challenge ideas to enjoy with your family on Facetime:

  1. Family Trivia Night: Prepare trivia questions about your family history, traditions, and fun facts. Take turns answering the questions and see who knows the most about your family.
  2. Show and Tell: Each family member takes turns showcasing an item that holds special meaning and shares its story.
  3. Virtual Cook-Off: Choose a recipe and have each family member cook it simultaneously. Share the cooking process and enjoy the meal together virtually.
  4. Family Charades: Act out movie titles, family inside jokes, or activities while the others guess what you're portraying.
  5. Family Talent Show: Encourage each family member to showcase their talents, whether singing, dancing, playing an instrument, or performing a skit.
  6. Family Storytelling: Take turns telling funny or memorable stories from your family's history. Share laughter and create a sense of connection through shared experiences.
  7. Family Quiz Bowl: Divide into teams and have a friendly quiz competition covering various topics. Use buzzers or a raised hand to answer questions.
  8. Virtual Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of items for each family member to find in their homes. Set a time limit and see who can find the items first.
  9. Family Pictionary: Take turns drawing and guessing words or phrases while the others try to guess what you're drawing.
  10. Family Dance Party: Play energetic music and have a virtual dance party with your family. Show off your best dance moves and enjoy the rhythm together.

How do I look cuter on FaceTime?

How do I look cuter on FaceTime

Looking cute on FaceTime is about being warm, friendly, and appealing. Here are some tips to enhance your cuteness on FaceTime:

  1. Good Lighting: Ensure you have good lighting that flatters your features. Natural light is ideal, so position yourself facing a window or use soft, indirect lighting.
  2. Smile: A genuine smile is one of the most attractive features. It conveys warmth and positivity, instantly making you look cuter.
  3. Eye Contact: Look directly into the camera when speaking to your FaceTime partner. It gives the impression of direct eye contact, making you feel more connected.
  4. Expressiveness: Use facial expressions to convey emotions and engage with your conversation partner. Show enthusiasm and interest.
  5. Appearance: Choose a cute outfit that suits your style and personality. A clean and put-together appearance can make a significant difference.
  6. Hairstyle: Experiment with hairstyles that frame your face nicely and make you feel confident.
  7. Background: Pay attention to your background. Keep it tidy, and consider adding a few cute decorations or elements to express your personality.
  8. Confidence: Embrace your uniqueness and be confident in yourself. Confidence is attractive and will enhance your cuteness.
  9. Body Language: Sit up straight and avoid slouching. Good posture gives the impression of self-assurance.
  10. Positive Vibes: Focus on maintaining a positive and happy demeanor during FaceTime calls. Share laughter and positivity.


Q: How do you FaceTime in the dark?

A: While it's ideal to have sufficient lighting for FaceTime, you can try a few options in low-light conditions:

  • Adjust your device's brightness settings to maximize visibility.
  • Use a small desk lamp or a soft light source near you to illuminate your face.
  • Consider investing in an external selfie ring light that attaches to your device for consistent and flattering lighting.

Q: How do you set up FaceTime lights?

A: Setting up FaceTime lights can be done using various methods:

  • Position yourself facing a window or a natural light source to take advantage of natural lighting.
  • Use soft, diffused lighting from lamps or overhead lights to create a positive and well-lit environment.
  • Consider using dedicated selfie rings or clip-on lights attached to your device or computer to provide consistent and adjustable lighting.

Q: How do I get over FaceTime anxiety?

A: FaceTime anxiety is common, but here are a few tips to help overcome it:

  • Start with trusted and close friends or family members to ease into FaceTime conversations.
  • Practice engaging in video calls with a small group or online video forums beforehand.
  • Remember that the other person likely feels some nervousness, too, so embrace the shared experience.
  • Focus on the conversation and connection rather than overthinking your appearance or performance.
  • Gradually increase your comfort by gradually expanding your circle of FaceTime contacts.
  • Start yourself commuting into the mirror. Mirror therapy always works and provides long-lasting results.
  • Try to focus on others' cameras and dont look at yourself only.
  • Keep your nerves calm at any cost.

Q: Is FaceTime a training for Glossophobia?

A: FaceTime itself is not specifically designed as a training for Glossophobia (fear of public speaking). However, regular use of FaceTime or video calls can help individuals become more comfortable with communication and presenting themselves in front of others, potentially contributing to reducing glossophobia symptoms. It provides an opportunity to practice speaking, listening, and engaging in conversations.

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