However, gaming is much more than a hobby for many individuals. It may be a source of income or a means of relieving stress at the end of a hard day. Moreover, lonely, isolated people may make friends without the pressures of the real world.

Indeed, some gamers aren't particularly good at what they do (sadly, I count myself among them), but we can still appreciate video games and the culture around them. What if, though, you truly are an expert?

If so, you've likely mastered games in their most challenging settings and can name classic titles, plot points, and characters from memory. You also have a vast knowledge of video games, much above that of the typical gamer.

You may have always thought of video games as something reserved for the younger set. Moreover, you may also think that video games are not a viable business. There must be a lot of questions in your mind related to trivia games. If yes, then you are at the right place.

In this article, we will discuss famous video game trivia questions. Moreover, we will also discuss the questions with one-word answers that you must know.

About Video Games Trivia Questions

About Video Games Trivia Questions

Questions in our video game trivia revolve around revered figures like Mario and Donkey Kong. You will also get useful knowledge on the histories of firms such as Nintendo and PlayStation. So! Let's get started.

Famous Video Games Trivia

Which of Nintendo's media franchises has been the most successful throughout its history?


Who is Mario's bitter enemy and goes by the moniker King Koopa?


Can you name the game where Mario made his debut?

Donkey Kong

Whose name appears on the Madden 06 cover as a famous Flyers player?

Donovan McNabb

What game came before NBA Jam in the line of basketball video games?

Direct Competitors

With what did Nintendo originally enter the consumer market?

A game of cards

Which video game holds the record for the most cumulative units sold?

Fortnite has overtaken all other games to become the most-played video game worldwide as of Dec 2021. Fortnite has more registered users than other famous video game franchises, such as Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft combined.

Which band generated more revenue from Guitar Hero game royalty than any other record sold?

Aerosmith granted permission to use 29 of their songs in the video game, a decision that has paid off in the form of millions of dollars thanks to the game's popularity.

What was it that led Satoshi Tajiri to develop the concept of Pokémon?

The idea for Pokémon came from Satoshi Tajiri's interest in collecting insects. The games are designed to allow children living in cities to enjoy the same kind of adventure.

When it comes to video games, who has the first to be played in outer space?

While traveling to the MIR Space Station in 1993, a Russian cosmonaut passed the time playing Tetris on his Game Boy.

What was the title of the first computer game ever made?

Pong was the first game ever developed specifically for distribution to the public, and it was released in 1972.

Who is the gaming industry's youngest multimillionaire? When did they win, and what age were they?

Jaden Ashman. At 15, he finished in second position at the Fortnite World Championship.

Which early virtual reality gadget has a name that is (kind of) similar to that of one of the most popular cell phones available today?

It's funny to think about it now, but the Eye Phone was one of the earliest virtual reality sets ever created.

Roughly speaking, how many users log in to Roblox every single month?

Roughly speaking, how many users log in to Roblox every single month? Approximately 150 million new users sign up for Roblox.

Which legendary soccer coach's title has been given to a famous video game?

The video game Madden bears John Madden's title and has so far been purchased 3.9 million times.

How many video games are included in the collection that holds the record for being the most extensive in the world?

Twenty thousand one hundred thirty-nine different video games may be found in the world's largest private library.

Which game is generally agreed to be the very worst video game that has ever been developed?

The Atari ET is infamous for its lack of success in the marketplace.

Roughly how many people play video games in the United States?

The number of individuals playing video games regularly is estimated to be over 183 million in the United States.

What were the developers' first goals for The Sims?

The Sims was supposed to be a city-building game and a simulation of buildings at one point in its development.

Which cuisine was the inspiration behind the design of the video game Pac-Man?

Pizza influenced Pacman's famous design.

Old Video Games Trivia

What is the Super Mario Bros. record for the greatest score ever achieved in the game's history?

The greatest score that can be obtained in Super Mario Bros. is 1,435,100 points.

Based on the Guinness Book of Records, the Super Mario session that lasted the longest lasted for how many hours?

The epic gaming session we participated in lasted for forty hours.

Who first came up with the idea of video games?

The correct answer is William Higginbotham, working in a physics lab.

How much did the most valuable top prize at an esports competition cost?

Because of sponsorship from the community, the total prize pool for the Dota 2 competition in 2019 came in at a staggering $30,000,000.794.

Who was the first firm to produce a game based on a flying simulation model?


Which legendary combat game was the inspiration for the creation of the Evolution Championship Series?

Turbo version of Street Fighter II

Which portable gaming device was the first to make use of spinning disks?

It's a PSP.

Which video game has been the most costly to make up to this point?

The Grand Theft Auto V Game

Following the conclusion of their partnership with Nintendo, what product did SONY go on to develop?

SONY produced the PlayStation.

Within the first six weeks of its availability on Facebook in 2009, what game did Zynga develop that quickly reached 10 million monthly active users?


What video game character was created by Sega to rival Nintendo's mascot, Mario?

The blue hedgehog is known as Sonic.

What is the title of the movement-detecting accessory that you can use with the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One?

The Kinect sensor

Which Nintendo device may be used the same way as a tablet computer?

The Switch from Nintendo.

Which game allows as many as one hundred people to participate in a "cage match" in which they compete to be the lone survivor after the round?


Which category of video games does the classic arcade game Pac-Man fall under?


Which gaming device was available to the general public for the very first time?

Magnavox Odyssey

The video game Tetris was first made available in 1989. What is the total number of copies that have been purchased since then?

495 million

Which video game console featured 8-bit visuals and timeless titles such as "Metroid" and "Dr. Mario"?

Nintendo Entertainment System

How many video games have been launched in the Mario series since its debut in 1983 with the first game's publication?

The series is responsible for creating more than 200 video games.

What was the name of the first Recurring Tensei game released?

Megami Tensei The Digital Devil's Story

When did Nintendo initially publish The Legend of Zelda video game?

February 21st, 1986.

Which handheld gaming device has a battery life of two hours yet re-released titles originally available for the Genesis console?

Sega Gaming Gear

Which business was responsible for developing Frogger (1981)?


What were the two firms responsible for developing the primary Street Fighter series?

Both Dimps as well as Capcom

What real-life creatures inspired the names of the aliens in Space Invaders?

Sea creatures

What was the original name of the Nintendo console in Japan?

The Famicom system

In Minecraft, which creatures provided the voices for the ghost monsters and their associated noises?

The cat that lives with the sound composer.

What game console was employed in constructing a United States Air Force clustering computer?

When it was released, the PlayStation 3 (PS3) featured impressive computer capability.

What popular video game brand has been the target of legal action totaling more than one billion dollars?

The Grand Theft Auto Series

Who was approached to provide the voice of the actual president actor in Fallout 3 but turned down the offer?

Bill Clinton

What was the first home device for video games available for purchase?

Magnavox Odyssey.

What science fiction author foresaw virtual reality in the 1930s?

In a short fiction of the same name written by Stanley Weinbaum, "Pygmalion's Spectacles."

What kind of job did the person who came up with the idea for the Gameboy Color have at Nintendo?

He began his career working in machine maintenance. In 1965, Nintendo made Yokoi its first employment to manage the assembly-line machinery used to produce its hanafuda playing cards.

Which game developer was responsible for "Super Mario Bros."?

Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka.

When Nintendo was initially established in 1889, what were a few of the products that were being sold?

A deck of playing cards.

Which computer game holds the record for the most cumulative units sold?

Tetris -170 million copies sold.

What does the term ROB stand for when referring to the Nintendo Entertainment System?

The Robotic Operating Companion.

Where exactly does one go to participate in the Game of Legends Playoff Series?

In Berlin and Los Angeles.

Who was the creator of the famous video game Mortal Kombat?

Ed Boon and John Tobias.

In what decade did Maxis launch SimCity?


What does the word "Tamagotchi" imply in Japanese?

Observe the Eggs

What was the year of the North American launch of the Dance Revolution?


What did Microsoft call their second tournament system in the Xbox series?

Xbox 360.

Which game was the pioneer of border gaming?

Super Mario Odyssey: Final Fantasy XI.

What exactly are the AI foes in Fighting Games?

The Retsu and Geki.

For what does GTA stand?

Grand Theft Auto.

In what year did Call of Duty debut?


If you were to describe the original Nintendo building, where would you put it?


Exactly what do you call the future soccer game where players race around in cars?

Tactical Rocket Ball

If you were to categorize Astro Boy, what would it be?


Which French video game developer is responsible for the 'Far Cry' series?


Which Nintendo system was the first to play DVDs?

System: GameCube.

Find out which famous football coach has been honored by having a video game created in his honor.

John Madden's namesake video game, Madden, has moved 3.9 million copies worldwide.

Interesting Video Games Trivia

Interesting Video Games Trivia

Who is Solid Snake, and the protagonist of what video game series?

The Metal Gear

In December 2017, which online gaming was the most popular?

Battlefield: World War II

Among the several video game series that Blizzard Entertainment has developed, which one is the most well-known?

Game: World of Warcraft.

Which system was the first to include built-in memory for games?

The base model of the SEGA Saturn had 1 MB of built-in storage.

A question for the "Borderlands" audience: who plays Siren?


Which popular gaming series does Rooster Teeth employ in its episode "Red vs. Blue?"


Whose castle is it, exactly, that Castlevania is set in?

The Count Dracula

What are the three different categories of video games?

Games in the sandbox, shooter, real-time-strategy, MOBA, simulation, and sports genres.

Which Injustice 2 fighter do you choose to use first?


Which iconic video game series takes place in Hyrule?

The Adventures of Zelda.

How Is Obsidian Created?

Compose a lava-water mixture.

That was the 1930s science fantasy author who accurately foresaw the rise of virtual reality.

Weinbaum, Stanley.

What was the price of the first virtual reality gadget when it was introduced in the 1980s?


What did Mario do before he became a plumber?


What color is Pearl known for in Platoon 2?


Can you name the most popular freemium gaming series?

Intense Birds

Which celebrity did Alex McLeish attempt to sign after learning about his skills through the widely played computer game Football Manager?

Messi, Lionel

Which video game franchise contains the fictional metropolises of Vice City, Liberty City, and San Andreas?

Grand Theft Auto

Which planet contains the same surface as Minecraft if it were the real world?


Which popular video game series uses "V-Bucks" for in-game purchases?


Which game did GT Interactive release in 1996?


What sort of sport does the video game "Fight Night 2004" focus on?


How often did the Mario Kart marathon last?

40 hours.

What does the round thing called that is used to catch Pokémon go by?

Pokémon ball.

What is the number of gamers in the United States?

The United States attracts an estimated 183 million new video gaming players every year.

Which actor or actress does the voiceover in Pokémon: Detective Pikachu?

Ryan Reynolds.

Who or what influenced the creation of Pac-Man?


In what time frame did Mortal Kombat be developed?

Eleven months.

How widespread is video game gaming in the United States?

About two-thirds, with men making up 60% and women 40%.

In what year did the first headsets for virtual reality appear?


To what end is the Brazilian tax on video games set at 120%?

Video games in Brazil are subject to a steep tax rate because of an outdated regulation that labels them as a kind of gambling.

In what video game did Sonic make his debut?

Sonic was an in-game perfume in the initial video game he appeared in. Sega's 1991 arcade racer, Arcades Rad Mobile, had the hamster dangling from a vehicle mirror.

Which nation declined to rate Fallout 3 because of the morphine used in the game?


What did The Sims' developers intend the game for originally?

The Sims' original intention was to be a building simulator. Its sole purpose was the assessment of building plans.

Which planet does "Gears of War" take place on?


What country tried to outlaw gaming after midnight?

Previously, in South Korea, it was illegal for anybody under 16 to play video games after midnight.

How many players believe playing video games online to be something the whole family can enjoy?

At least once a week, 33% of parents who game play video games with their kids online.

The Nintendo Company has two of the most successful video game properties. If you add the net value of these two teams, it equals that of the other eight teams in the top 10. Explain what it is that they are.

Pokémon and Mario.

Which market is the most lucrative for game developers?


In RDR 2, who performed the role of the made-up character?

Mr. John Marston

Hard Video Games Trivia

Hard Video Games Trivia

The Obama campaign bought in-game ads in which game?

Overheated Vacation Spot

What was the largest prize at an eSports tournament?

The 2019 DOTA tournament's prize pool reached a stunning $30,000,000 thanks to donations from the public.

What kind of crowdfunding website did Oculus Rift use to become successful?

There was a successful Kickstarter effort to bring a defunct technology back to life, and it raised $250,000.

How often does this charity event occur, and what Twitch group organizes the speed runs of major games?

Rapid Game Completion.

Which mobile operating system has the largest installed base throughout the world?

Android. But in the United States, Apple's IOS is the standard (Apple).

Regarding how long it took Markus Persson to make the initial Minecraft?

The original Minecraft was created in seven days, from May 10th to May 16th, 2009.

What about the first tool or weapon you get in the "Fortnite Battle Royale" game?


I'm curious as to which Xbox game has sold the most copies.

Halo 2.

Can you name Sega's mascot?


Twenty-one. Who is Sonic's best friend?


When did Nintendo first launch the NES?


If you were to guess, what year did Microsoft introduce the original Xbox console?


When he first appeared, 24. What was Mario's name?

Jump man.

Which portable Nintendo gaming console was the company's first?

Video game console marketed by Nintendo.

Which female computer game character do you think Angelina Jolie will play in a future film?

A.K.A. Lara Croft.

Can you name the Mortal Kombat character that can summon lightning at will?


Which Sega game console came last?

Dreamcast by Sega.

How much did it cost to make the most costly video game ever?

Space Simulator Star Citizen.

Which portable gaming device has sold the most units?

DS, by Nintendo.

Can you name the well-known purple critter that served as PlayStation's mascot?

In the video game Spyros the Dragon, the protagonist is a dragon named.

What is the order of Street Fighter's and Tekken's releases?

Defiant of the Streets.

What was the 1998's hit Nintendo 64 game with a bear and a red bird by its clues: 33?


Wrapping Up

Children and teenagers can benefit greatly from the games' numerous educational features and wealth of exportable content.

Students may make use of Roblox for more than just playing games. They can also compete in esports, study game design, and make money from their creations.

For the most part, and especially under the watchful eye of an adult, children's favorite games have the potential to serve as entry points into the worlds of coding and creation.

After reading this article, you will gain a lot of information about video games. You can use these questions as a quiz for game lovers; if you have any interesting trivia questions, feel free to tell us. Next time, we will add it to the list.

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